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"Then you've come to the right place!"

Welcome to my site, a collection of German food recipes: German easy dessert recipes, best German cake recipes, German meat and potato dishes, vegetable side dishes, all authentic and all in English!

I´m Sarah, the owner of this site. I´m not German by the way, but British and have lived in Germany for 16 years! Must be the food, apart from being married to a German of course! So a big warm welcome to my cookbook of food from Germany that I want to share with you.

You can start cooking your favourite recipes such as German Jaeger Schnitzel in a creamy Jaeger sauce, or a recipe for beef rouladen which goes great with one of my special Christmas red cabbage recipes and potato dumplings.

Of course there is the all time favourite authentic German potato salad which comes from my German mother-in-law. Not forgetting fantastic cakes such as Black Forest Cake and the easiest German apple cake called Versunkener Apfelkuchen.

Some of the recipes are easy and some for the more experienced cook. I can still remember my first attempt at making German bread dumplings - what a disaster, they all fell apart in the water! But now, they come out perfect. I can make German potato salad just like my mother-in-law, homemade German Spaetzle, a tasty German meatloaf (Hackbraten) and so many other traditional German dishes. My British family have also been introduced to German cooking too!

There is a also a section for the kids! They will love trying out German recipes and helping out in the kitchen. German meatballs (Frikadellen), German pancakes, christmas cookies recipes and many other German kids recipes to try.

I might ask that you bookmark my site and share it with friends as I do add recipes when I can and it also helps to spread the word. I regularly receive appreciative emails from visitors praising my site and thanking me for including their favourite traditional German recipes that their Mum or Oma used to make.

So are you ready to start cooking the German way?

Select your favourite recipe; check you've got the necessary ingredients, equipment at the ready and off you go!

Thanks for stopping by; enjoy my authentic recipes and see you again soon.

Guten Appetit!


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Favourite German Recipes

German Flaedle Pancake Soup

Flaedle Soup - German Pancake Soup

German Maultaschen Recipe

German Maultaschen Recipe

German Cheesecake with madarin oranges

German Cheesecake Recipe

german christmas cookies recipe

German Christmas Cookies - Spitzbuben

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