Easy German Cookie Recipes
Traditional German Christmas Cookies

Authentic German cookie recipes to enjoy over the Christmas period. In fact don't save my easy cookie recipes just for Christmas, bake these traditional little German biscuits and enjoy German christmas cookies all year round!

The number of recipes for German Christmas cookies is staggering. Each biscuit type tastes different and are normally only eaten around Christmas time. In Germany they are called Weihnachtsplätzchen. During the first Advent German cookies are baked in abundance to be enjoyed right up to Christmas.

You will find all the favourite cookies here! German almond crescents, German Springerle, Spitzbuben, Lebkuchen, Engelsaugen, German cinnamon stars, Austecherle, melt in your mouth butter cookies and so many more.

German Cookie Recipes

Each household has their own favourite German cookie recipes My mother-in-law really goes to town and bakes a huge variety. I tend to bake only a few of my favourites. If you love cinnamon, aniseed, vanilla and all those heavenly Christmas spices, you will just adore these easy cookie recipes.

Wrap your German cookies in cellophane, pack them in brightly coloured gift boxes and give cookies as gifts to friends and family. Bake them, eat them and enjoy my German christmas biscuits, but watch the calories!!!

How To Make Vanilla Sugar To Use In Your Cookie Recipes
Learn how to make vanilla sugar to use in your German cookie recipes and German baking.

German Lebkuchen Recipe
Enjoy my German lebkuchen recipe in all shapes and sizes. Whether you bake your lebkuchen in stars or figures, plain or decorated, not having lebkuchen in Germany at Christmas is unthinkable.

Easy Butter Cookies Recipe - They'll melt in your mouth!
You might want to double the quantity of my butter cookies recipe because I can assure they they will be eaten in no time. Very plain looking, but these delectable cookies have such a buttery taste they simply melt in your mouth.

Oatmeal Cookie Recipe - German Haferflokenkekse
Here is an easy oatmeal cookie recipe. Known as Haferflockenkekse in Germany.

Chocolate Macaroon Recipe - German Schokoladenmakronen
Bake my chocolate macaroon recipe and you can also enjoy these mouthwatering chocolate cookies. Bake a large batch of German Schokoladenmakronen, wrap in giftboxes and treat friends and family.

Easy Cookies - German Engelsaugen (angels eyes)
Make sure you have plenty of the necessary baking ingredients to hand to bake these delicious cookies called Engelsaugen (angels eyes). This really is one of the most easy German cookie recipes I know. Get the kids involved too!

Hazelnut Cookies - German Haselnussplaetzchen
Bake these fine hazelnut cookies for Christmas. The Germans use lots of ground nuts in their Christmas baking and Haselnussplaetzchen are a joy to bake and eat.

Ausstecherle (using cookie cutters) are favourite German Christmas Cookies
My German Cookies recipe is ideal to bake with the kids! Known as Ausstecherle is Germany; one of the favourite easy cookie recipes to bake with kids. They'll enjoy cutting out shapes and decorating!

Spritz Cookies - German Spritzgebaeck
Bake my easy spritz cookies this Christmas time. Spritzgebäck is a type of German Christmas cookie. They are easy to make and you only need basic ingredients such as butter, eggs, sugar and flour.

Easy Cookie Recipes - Nürnberger Busserl (spice cookies)
These German spice cookies have to be stored well in an airtight tin, but will keep for about 8 weeks.

Cinnamon Cookies - German Zimtmakronen
Enjoy cinnamon cookies, known as Zimtmakronen in Germany, thoughout Advent. Bake and present spice cookies to your family and friends in gift boxes for a truly wonderful gift.

German Cinnamon Stars - Zimtsterne
If you love cinnamon, you will love my German cinnamon stars. Cinnamon stars (Zimtsterne cookies) are a classic German Christmas cookie and one of the favourite Weihnachtsplätzchen.

German Springerele Recipe Using Molds
A Schwäbische Springerle recipe. Springerle are normally baked a few weeks before Christmas as they need to be stored for 2-3 weeks in order that they soften.

Spitzbuben (sandwiched with jam) is an easy German Christmas Cookie Recipe
This is a great German Christmas recipe for Spitzbuben cookies. German Spitzbuben are one of my favourite of all the Weihnachtsplaetzchen.

German Christmas Cookie - Vanillekipferln (almond crescents)
This is a very easy German Christmas cookie recipe. German Vanillekipferln are a true favourite at Christmas. This recipe calls for ground nuts, like so many German cookies.

Kids Christmas Recipes - German Baiser Meringue Cookies
Kids Christmas recipes need to be quick and easy to make. One of my easy German cookie recipes for the kids! They will enjoy baking and eating these meringue cookies.

Christmas Easy Recipe - Kids Christmas Tree Cookies
You can make these Christmas tree cookies in the form of hearts, christmas trees, stars or whatever takes your fancy. Hang these cute little cookies from your tree this christmas.

Simple Christmas Cookies - German Linzer Sterne
These delectable German Linzer Sterne are baked and then sandwiched together with raspberry jelly and then coated in powder sugar.

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How To Make Your Own Vanilla Sugar Make your own vanilla sugar to use in German cakes, cookies and German dessert recipes.

Zachary - USA
Tremendous website. I lived in Germany for almost 14 years. Your recipes have me excited about getting back into German cooking. Thanks so much!