Christmas in Germany
German Christmas Traditions
And Customs

Christmas in Germany (Weihnachten) is celebrated from December 1 to January 6. On my Christmas pages you will find out about German Christmas traditions and customs as well as delicious German Christmas dessert recipes, baking and traditional German cookie recipes.

Did you know that the Christmas tree (Tannenbaum, Christbaum) actually arrived in America and England from Germany? In fact many Christmas traditions have been adopted, or should I say adapted, from Germany.

Christmas baking recipes: Christmas biscuits (cookies) which are known as Weihnachtspl├Ątzchen. Be warned, these are not for those on a diet, but are very delicious and very moreish.

German Christmas Calendar: Christmas countdown with important dates.

German Advent:

German Christmas markets:

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German Christmas Dessert And Baking Recipes

How To Make Vanilla Sugar

German Christmas Cake Recipe with Gluehwein

German Christstollen Recipe

Springerle Recipe (German Christmas Cookies using a mold)

German Christmas Recipe - Spitzbuben (butter cookies sandwiched with jam)

A Favourite German Christmas Cookie - Vanillekipferln (almond crescents)

German Cinnamon Stars - Zimtsterne

Christmas Dessert Recipes - Baked Apples with a Walnut Filling

Holiday Christmas Candy Recipes

German Christmas Punch Recipes

Gluehwein - German Mulled Wine Recipes

Germany Christmas Traditions

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How To Make Your Own Vanilla SugarMake your own vanilla sugar to use in German cakes, cookies and German dessert recipes.