Popular German Beverages
Making Drinks From Germany

German beverages. Well I suppose most people associate Germany with Beer. However, there are many more German drinks to be enjoyed.

In this section (which I will add to) you will be making drinks; non alcoholic drink recipes, popular mixed drinks, beer and mixed alcoholic drinks

Mixed Alchoholic Drinks


This is a simple refreshing alcoholic drink to be enjoyed on a hot May day or any summers day.

You will need:

2 oranges
1 tablespoon sugar
1 small bouquet of woodruff
1 bottle light white wine
1 small bottle of sparkling white wine
1/2 bottle club soda

Cut the oranges into 1/5 inch slices. Sprinkle with the sugar and place in a large glass jar. Tie the woodruff with a thread and hang the bouquet from the jar leaves downwards. Pour half a bottle wine over it and put it into a cool place for 1-2 hours.

Add the other half a bottle of wine, take out the woodruff and then add the sparkling wine and soda.

This is a very light and refreshing drink. Enjoy it with friends at a summer fete, garden party or an evening in the garden.

Alcoholic Strawberry Bowle (Erdbeerbowle)

Oh, I love this recipe. I have lots of strawberries in my garden in June and this is one of my favourite wedding drinks recipes. Be sure to use very ripe strawberries for this alcholic bowle!

500g strawberries
2 oz. sugar
1 bottle red wine, unchilled
1 bottle white wine, well chilled
lemon juice
1/2 bottle champagne or sparkling wine

In a large bowl sprinkle the strawberries with the sugar and leave for a few hours.

Add half a bottle of the red wine and let the mixture stand. Just before serving add the remaining half bottle of red wine and the well chilled white wine. Sprinkle with a little lemon juice and then lightly mix in the sparkling wine or champagne.

Mother-In-Laws-Tea! (Schwiegermuttertee)

No, this drink is not non alcoholic, there is a dash of rum in it!

You will need:

3 oranges
1 lemon
juice of 4-5 oranges
about 3 1/2 oz. sugar cubes
5 tablespoons tea leaves
3-4 tablespoons rum
4 cups of water

Wash the oranges and the lemon thoroughly and rub down the skins with the sugar cubes. Put the orange sugar into a bowl and then add the juice of your 5 oranges and 1 lemon. Stir well, cover and leave to rest for an hour.

Pour boiling water over the tea leaves, leave for a couple of minutes and then strain. Mix the tea with the orange juice mix, the rum and then heat the mix again. Don't let it boil as this will ruin the flavour.

Pour the tea into a teapot and serve. Often served with Christmas cookies.

Spezi - Non Alcoholic Drink

Not all German beverages are alcoholic! Spezi is an American-Bavarian mix that has now taken root in Germany. It is a mixture of Coca-Cola and lemondade usually served with slices of lemon.

Wine Schorle

A wine Schorle is mostly drunk in the Swabian wine regions. It is normally prepared with dry white wine but can still be prepared with red or rose wine.

1/2 wine with 1/2 mineral water or soda.
1/3 wine with 2/3 mineral water or soda.

I normally make my wine Schorle with fizzy (carbonated water).

Beer Mixed Drinks

Enjoy German Beer Garden Food

Enjoy this selection of German beverages - more drink recipes coming soon!

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