German Beer Mixed Drinks

A selection of German Beer mixed drinks to enjoy with your favourite German recipes.

German Radlermass

A popular mixed drink is the Radlermass. First pour 2 cups of lemonade into a 1 litre beer mug. It is important to use a clear sparkling lemondade and not fruit juice. Add 2 cups well chilled light beer.

Enjoy this refreshing drink on hot summer days in the garden, after hiking or a mountain climbing tour.

German Russenmass

The Russenmass known as the "Russ" in Bavaria will quench your thirst on a hot summers day.

You will need 2 cups of Weissbeer (White Beer) and 2 cups of lemondade.

First pour the lemondade into a 1 litre beer mug and slowly add the well chilled Weissbeer.

Bavaria and Beer go together. The oldest brewery, Weihenstephan, located near Munich has been there since 1040 so it is no wonder that there are many breweries to be found in Bavaria.

The choice of beer is so great that it is literally impossible to name every individual brewery. Whether your favourite is a Starkbier, a Helles, a Hefeweissebier or an Altbier to name but a few, Bavarian beer is famous for its taste!

The Germans are also quite fussy about the beer temperature which should be served at about 45 degrees F.

Bottled Weissbier should never be shaken before being opened.

Enjoy these mixed drinks from Germany or just open a bottle of Beer and simply enjoy it as it is.

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