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German Restaurants

Teske's Germania Restaurant And Beer Garden

by Marc Wilson (san jose.)

Best german food in the states. Better jaegerschnitzel than in Germany. They have a beergarden with live music and dancing. Beers are poured in the proper mugs. Great atmosphere.

Teske's Germania Restaurant And Beer Garden

255 N. First Street & Devine • San Jose, CA 95113 Tel • 408.292.0291

Zum Stammtisch

by Janet Eichmueller Wild (Windermere FL USA)

AUTHENTIC German food and beer !!!!! They are located on Myrtle Ave in Glendale(Queens) NY 11385. We moved down to Florida last February(2009) and we threw my stepmom her 70th surprise Birthday party there.

We used to go at least once a month from Long Island where we lived, to Stammtisch and take my Dad ( who is Bayern) and stepmom with us. OMG...My absolute favorite meal is the Zwiebelrostbraten..The ONIONS..unbelieveable!!! so crispy, but not greasy and tons of them....My mouth waters just thinking about it...with spaeztle and rotkraut...THE BEST EVER!!Other than by my Oma's town- Schaafheim.

If you are in NY, you must try this place...you will become addicted. They have Bauernteller, Sulze, Weisswurst, Leberknodel Suppe, Leberkase, Krautsalat, Semmelknodel, Bratkartofeln, all kinds of Schnitzel, Sauerbraten and Schweinbraten, you name it. I feel a trip to NY coming up.... :-)

Janet Eichmueller Wild

Restaurant in Katterbach

by Jamie L Dakota

It was a little restaurant located in Katterbach. I never did find out what the real name of it was, we called Stinkys because there was a farm right by it that always had the farm smell in the air. They had the absolute best jagerschnitzel and cordon bleu I have ever had. To this day I always compare jagerschnitzel and cordon bleu to theirs and nothing even comes close.

German Restaurants

Hofbräuhaus in Munich

by Barbara Landshut, Germany

They have great German dishes, prices are low for Munich and food is great. I can recommend the leberkäs with potato salad and the Wienerschnitzel. One thing I did not like there is the baked potato, would not recommend it to anybody.

Stone Hill Winery Vintage Restaurant - Hermann

by Gerri Balius (Deepwater, MO)

There is a rich German history involving the Vintage Restaurant and its physical location amidst the Stone Hill Winery and several other winery's of Herman, Missouri. Germans settled in the area back in the 1800s because the terrain was like that of their beloved Rhine back in Germany. I'm not well familiarized with German culture, but my boyfriend is, and he took me here on a surprise road trip. The food was AWESOME! I had eaten in another town in one restaurant touting German cuisine, and was not impressed, but at the Vintage I was extremely impressed!

I ate a German sampler dinner which included the red cabbage; some kind of sausage with kraut and whole grain mustard; a breaded pork cutlet with a mushroom sauce over; some kind of shaved beef; potato pancake with side of applesauce; and dark grain bread rolls; with my favorite white wine, Stone Hill Vignoles. I know there are names for the items I described on my sampler plate, but I can't say them or spell them off top of my head. My boyfriend ate the same but had a German beer, and right after his first taste of it he exclaimed it was indeed German beer (there's a brewery in Herman also, which makes several recipes of beer too), and my boyfriend, quite familiar with German culture and cuisine, was as impressed as me. I mentioned to him more than a couple times already that I really liked that restaurant and I'd love to go to again for sure!

Mom's Restaurant Spangdahlem

by Marty Wells (Richmond, Kentucky)

Mom's Restaurant in Spangdahlem near the air base. Most awesome food that I only dream about since leaving in 1992. If I ever get the finances to return to Germany, Mom's is a must on my list. Checkout their Face Book and other web links discussing others experiences. My favorites is the salad as well as schnitzel baked with cheese and also pork cordon bleu.

Best place to eat by: william fralin

WAs there 1982-1985, Best place to eat, great food and service May 26, 2011 Retired and miss it by: Anonymous

I was there from 75-78 and mom was always there cooking. Her son was Horst was also waiting and serving then....fine memories Feb 15, 2011 Hope I don't break the spell but... by: Johnhearn8349@gmail

I totally agree. I miss Mom's restaurant in Spangdahlem too. The food was awesome. I was there from 87 to 89. Someday I hope to return! by: Amy

German Restaurants

Bayern Stube, Gibson City, Illinois

by Steve Kain (Muskego, WI, USA)

I have eaten here several times. The food is always well prepared and the prices reasonable. The decor is very "German." The owners are from Bayreuth in northern Bavaria. Their menu is on their website "Bayernstube.com." I have had the schlachtplatte, schweinebraten, and some other entrees. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone. It is probably the best German restaurant I have been to in the USA.

Cafe Europe Santa Rosa California

by Sydnee Mortensen (Ojai, CA)

This has become a family favorite. Best German food I have had in California. Fresh Mushroom soup, Wiener and Jaeger shcnizels and strudel are to die for. Many say their home made meatloaf is the best they have ever tasted.

Steitz's Resort, Antioch, IL

by Jeanette Schwarzbach (Wickenburg, AZ)

This restaurant is on the shores of a Lake in Illinois. It has been there for decades. The atmosphere is amazing and I LOVE their Liver Dumpling Soup!

Der Braumeister

by Thomas Zinsmayer (Cleveland OH)

It is at W 130th St and Lorain Rd in Cleveland OH. It reminds me of the many Gasthaueser I visited in Germany. The food is super with many favorite German specialties. My favorite is the Saurbraten with spaetzle and rotkohl.They have over 50 beers to choose from and numerous german spirits.

Richard's Restaurant

by Amy (Bath Maine USA)

Family owned and run German restaurant in Brunswick, Maine with a long history of great German foods in addition to the best prime rib in New England. Great German Beers. Have never been disappointed.

Little Bavarian/Port Alberni, BC

by Joyce Colvin (Port Alberni, BC Canada)

I have tried a number of German Restaurants and cannot fine any other to compare to the service and taste of this little piece of heaven.

Ol Heidelberg Cafe

by Dave (Syracuse, NY)

6125 University Dr NW # E14 Huntsville, AL 35806 (256) 922-0556 Sun-Thur: 11am-9pm · Fri & Sat: 11am-10pm http://www.olheidelberg.com

I went to this German restaurant several times over the last 15 years. It was excellent. Twice I went with a co-worker that had been in the Army, stationed in W. Germany. He came back married to a German woman, so while in Germany and back home he was exposed to extensive amounts of genuine homemade German food. When we ate at Ol Heidelberg, he raved about its authenticity. On my end of it, the food was fantastic every time I ate there. I have eaten Beef Rouladen, Slachtplatte-- Choice of three sausages - Bratwurst, Knackwurst, Rauchwurst or Polish, Wiener Schnitzel, Jaeger Schnitzel, and Sauerbraten. All of my meals supplied plenty of food to eat and because I was staying in a hotel with no refrigerator, there were leftovers that I begrudgingly left behind. The flavors of all of my meals and accompaniments was phenomenal, also. No bland flavors in anything I ate. Should I get back to Huntsville again, this is at least one of my meals!

Gasthof zur Gemutlichkeit & Mario Keller's Bar

Its in Minneapolis - it has the best atmosphere - tons of great german beer, and authentic food - it really is an experience! they end every meal with a shot of apple liqour and a snuff of menthol tabacco served via a catapoult(sp) straight up ur nose - best place ever!

Moser's Austrian Cafe, New Carlisle, Indiana

by Jim (Michigan City, IN, USA)

Unbelievable German and Austrian Food. Great German and Austrian beer and wines. Awesome and authentic atmosphere. Restaurant does monthly beer or wine dinners that are out of this world. A cannot miss place for a small town just out side of South Bend, Indiana. Stop by and see Werner and Jennifer, They'll make you feel like your regular.

Das Wald Cafe - Warwick Boulevard, Newport News, Virginia

by Donna (Greensboro, NC)

We go frequently when visiting my family in the Williamsburg, Virginia area. The food is delightful! Flaedle soup, gulaschsuppe, gulasch, saurbraten (only on Sundays) and more - it's all wonderful. For the non-adventurous folks, they have the best fried chicken ever! Sides like spaetzle, rotkraut, saurkraut, kartofel knodle, etc., just make it even better.

East Side Restaurant: Authentic German Cuisine, 131 Dwight Street, New Britain, CT w/Beer Garden since early 1900's Phone: (860)223-1188

by Suzanne (Plantsville, CT)

Nick Augustino, Owner/Burgermeister Authentic German Cuisine. Interesting European Interior Design with much to look at of interest. Staff outfitted in traditional German Attire. Family owned since early 1900's.

Beer Garden.Prost! "Ticky tocky, ticky tocky, Hoy, Hoy, Hoy!". Good food! Excellent place to celebrate a person's Birthday! I studied abroad in Darmstadt,Germany during the 1980's so as a surprise my PA Dutch(Deutche) Dad and my mom brought me and my children here for my Birthday. It was so much fun. It is in an unexpected place in a residential area.Everyone in New Britain knows about this place.

They recently have had several billboards throughout Connecticut letting other people know about them too. People are very friendly, good hosts. Family owned and operated since early 1900's! So many of the recipes listed on this website are on their menu.

D.J's Bistro in Concord, California

by J.W.Conrad (Oakley CA)

It' is owned and run by czech's who are very gracious and warm folks. The Chef is German, and has a excellent grasp on tradition. It's a small place but comfortable like you would find in Eastern Eroupe. They have an excellent beer and wine selection that compliments their dinner fare. I and my family give it full honors and a sold 10 on staff cuisine and atmosphere.

Sebastians In Wrightstown, NJ

by Pat (New Jersey)

This restaurant has German favorites and the people are sooooo friendly. Food is excellent and so is the service. Third Sunday of the month is all you can eat for $16.95!! Excellent place for everyone.

Bavarian Grill, Plano, Texas

Always stop here on our way to or from the Dallas, Texas. We compare it with Mader's in Milwaukee, our northern destination and it has a more diverse menu with many dishes not found in Milwaukee's famous destination. They have seasonal specialties featuring asparagus or mushroom dishes. Anyone traveling in the Dallas area should be sure to stop here.

helig geist-spital  nuremberg, germany

by Jeannemarie, Massachusetts

Only one of the oldest restaurants continuously operating in Europe; when I lived there in the '70s, & '80s, but, it is alive & well!  they have a paprikaschnitzel, no one has ever come close to, I I have eaten a lot of fair schnitzel.

Karl's sausage kitchen   1 bourbon street   peabody,

The best german food outside of Germany; and, I actually lived there. I ate there last Monday, and, have never had a bad meal.  it is like leaving the US, & stepping through a time machine to a beer hall.

" LASCHET'S  INN", Chicago, Illinois

by "The  Warnstedt 's"

This is one on the last four of five in the entire city of  Chicago. The real great ones "Berghoff", "Red Star Inn", "Golden Ox", "Brown Bear", Germania Inn,  and "Zum Deutchen Eck"are now long gone.

"Laschet's", which has been around for some 40 years plus now, is located in an area called North Center, at 2119 W. Irving Pk.on the northside of Chicago. It's is a cozy, dark, very authentic, restaurant-bar that offers inexpensive, but well prepared ethnic dishes: soup (Ox tail-Lentil-Gulash, Beef Barley, Split Pea), appetizers (creamed herring-potatoe pancakes), entree (Schnitzel,Roast Duck,Schlacplatte, Beef Roladen,  Sauerbrauten, Leiberkase + egg,Baked Cod,  Gulas , Brats, Bludwurst, Knockwurts, Beef Roladen, with Kraut,or Red Cabbage,  Fried Kartauffel or Spaetzel). The dessert menu is lean---Black Forest Cake, Strudel,or Ice Cream. Great "German Rye"  with plenty of butter comes with. The bar offers 15 taps, 50 + bottle beer, most all Germman or European, mixed drinks and a nice, but limited wine list (German). Sorry, no "Russian Egg Salad" or Ox Tails!!!! but the servers do a great job and the customers are of all variety.

The Bavarian Haus, Winter Garden, Fl

Run by ex-pats, this husband and wife team are charming and make great food!
Live music every Friday starting at 6 and Sunday evenings.
The wife cooks, the husband does everything else from tending bars to waiting on and busing tables.
Don't run out without a good cup of German coffee and house-made pancake with raisins, almonds, and apples! yum! The bier is also very good!
The decor is cozy with rustic wood tables, chairs, and booths, just seat yourself.
Pictures of the homeland make it seem like you
could step right out into the Alps!
It's a good time at a reasonable price.
Off of HW50 in Winter Garden, in the shopping center behind the 7-11(shopping center has a separate entrance so don't pull directly into the 7-11)

Golden Europe Restaurant, 6620 Wadsworth Blvd., Arvada.CO80003

The restaurant is in the Denver area. The owners, a family affair ,are Czech, but the excellent food is mostly German. The duck is my favorite and the best I have eaten anywhere. My husband loves the schnitzel and my son their pork roast. Not to forget the dessert, their great Black Forest Cherry Cake. All their food is fantastic and the restaurant is a very cozy place. The servers are very friendly. We also went there with a group and they all love the restaurant and return again and again.

Die Kartoffel, Kirchenstr. 3, 68526 Ladenburg, Baden-Wurttemberg.

by Jamie, Williamsport, PA

My all time favorite place to eat while I was stationed in Germany!! The people are wonderful, the town is historic with Roman ruins, and this restaurant is a MUST stop on your trip or stay in the country. They give you a cut of meat, either beef, chicken, shrimp, venison, etc and you cook your own meat on a very very hot Lava rock!! They serve each meal with a baked potato with homemade sour cream that is absolutely amazing!! They also have the best potato soup I've ever had!! Oh how I miss it!! :)

Amadeus Cafe

by Evelyn Fischer, Kingston, Ontario Canada

This restaurant serves german cooking. It's has been in business for over 30 years in Kingston, Ontario Canada. There nice beer garden in summer where you can eat and drink. The staff you used to dress up in the German style clothing and they would play the hoffbrau music. Check the link www.amadeuscafe.ca/ it was named after classical music composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

East Side

by Elizabeth Crist

New Britain, Conn. I grew up in Conn, have been in North Carolina for 20 years.  My favorites are sauerbraten, potato pancakes w/applesauce. They also serve when you first arrive; a cottage cheese and/ bologna side, out of this world. I wish they had a cookbook!!!! I rarely get back to Conn.  As I sit here I can taste my favorites!!!!!  NC has nothing to offer for great German food.
Elizabeth Crist

Kings Biergarten, Pearland,Tx.

It reminds me of the time I spent in Baumholder in 74-77.
Our daughter was visiting Heidelberg last summer and fell in love with the food and had been craving it for ayear now.  We looked on live and found this place about 45 minutes ro our home and celebrated her birthday.  The prkschnitzel Cordon blue schnitzel and sausages, spatzel and german/austrian potatoe cucumber saldad was the best, were just like being in Germany!!  The absolute best was the cream cheese strudel...
Wait staff was dressed in traditional German costumes, we called them German dolls.  The whole experience wass just fantastic.....

Edelweiss, Colorado

When ever we go to Colorado Eidelweiss is a MUST! They have the best German ambiance, you can dine in their large family room, or outside in a beer garden style (tables with umbrellas on the patio).Their beer and wine list is one to check out. We had their jaegerschnizel and zigeunerschnitzel which was awesome! Start out with one of their dinner salads and you know the rest is just going to get better! Auf wiedersehen!

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Zachary - USA

Tremendous website. I lived in Germany for almost 14 years. Your recipes have me excited about getting back into German cooking. Thanks so much!

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