German Homemade Hamper Ideas

Be creative with my hamper ideas. A homemade gift hamper is a wonderful present for family and friends.

However, they are not only for adults, you can also make a kids hamper packed full of goodies and edible treats.

A boxful of goodies is always a joy to receive especially if homemade. There are many companies that specialise in hampers by mail order, however, if you have time, it is nicer to make up your own gift hampers. You can mix and match with homemade treats and bought items and pack them in a hamper basket or a box wrapped in paper tied with ribbon. Remember, a hamper is a worthy gift for any occasion.

German Hamper

Of course you are a fan of Tasty German and hopefully your family and friends are too! Include some German wine, beer, a German Stein, German sausage, German mustard and a German cookbook. Or copy some pages from my site onto some creative paper and include.

Kids Hamper

Here you can include items such as chocolate lollipops, homemade candy, kids apron, kids cookie cutter set, kids mug plate and cutlery. All items for the budding chef!

Sweetie Hamper

Here you can really go to town. For those with a sweet tooth, include jelly babies, sugar mice, chocolate bars, lollies, candy necklaces, candy watches, wine gums and all your kids favourite sweets.

If for an adult, you might like to include chocolate truffles, chocolate bars, after eight mints and so on.

Chocolate Hamper

Choose a selection of different good quality chocolates whether truffles or chocolate bars, milk or plain. Novelty chocolates in the shape of a car or tennis racket, for example, always look nice. You could also include a chocolate fondue set and nuts and dried fruit to dip into the chocolate. How about a mug and some chocolate powder to make the ultimate hot chocolate.

Food and Wine Hamper

A bottle of champagne or favourite red or white will go down a treat. Perhaps a voucher to attend a cookery course or a wine tasting course. Cheese and crackers to serve with the wine and a cheeseboard and knife.

Vegetarian Hamper

Homemade chutneys and pickles. A selection of dried fruits and nuts. Exotic sauces to serve with pasta. A vegetarian cookery book or some seeds to grow organic vegetables and herbs. Include some homemade cookies and chocolate truffles.

I hope I have given you some creative hamper ideas. Obviously you can make up a hamper for the cheese lover, chocolate lover, gluten free lover, gourmet food lover, coffee and tea lover etc.

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