German Crullers Recipe
German Spritzkuchen

German crullers recipe made with a choux pastry called Brandteig. These sweet rings known as Crullers by many, but in Germany are called Spritzkuchen are best eaten when fresh.

How To Make German Crullers

Will make approx: 25 crullers

For the dough

150g all-purpose flour
25g sugar
1 packet vanilla sugar
1 level teaspoon baking powder
50g butter
30g cornstarch (cornflour)
6 medium eggs

For baking you will need:

750-1500g vegetable oil for frying depending on the size of your pan
piping bag with a large star nozzle

For the icing:

300g powder sugar (icing sugar)
3 dessert spoons lemon juice

Heat the oil in a large pan or in a deep fat fryer until it reaches 180 degrees C.

Cut some pieces of baking paper into squares measuring 10 cm x 10 cm and grease.

To make the dough, add 250ml of water with the butter to a pan and heat until the butter is melted. Remove the pan from the heat. Mix the cornstarch with the flour and then add to the melted butter mixture.

Mix well to form a smooth dough. Return the pan to the heat and cook, for about a minute, stirring all the time. Then put the dough in a mixing bowl.

Mix in the sugar and vanilla sugar using the dough hook attachment on your mixer. With the mixer running, and adding 1 egg at a time, add 5 eggs and mix at a high speed. Mix until the dough is smooth and glossy. The dough should be thick, but should fall slowly and steadily from the beaters when you lift them out of the bowl. If the dough is not the right consistency and sticks onto the beaters, add the last egg and mix until completely incorporated.

Put a portion of the dough into a piping pag and then pipe a ring onto each square of baking paper. Place on a slotted spoon or skimmer and lower into the simmering fat until the cruller releases itself from the baking paper.

Frying a few at a time, fry the crullers until golden brown on both sides.

Once cooked remove with a slotted spoon and drain on kitchen paper and then leave to cool on a wire rack.

Sieve the powder sugar and mix with the lemon juice and some hot water. Mix until smooth, then brush the glaze over the crullers.

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Zachary - USA

Tremendous website. I lived in Germany for almost 14 years. Your recipes have me excited about getting back into German cooking. Thanks so much!

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