German Pork Roast Recipe
German Schweinsbraten

An easy German pork roast recipe that is enjoyed widely in Bavaria.

A tasty pork recipe that you and your family will love too. If fact it is my son's favourite recipe and he would eat it every day of the week!

You will need:

1kg pork shoulder with rind. Wash the meat thoroughly, dry and season with freshly ground salt and pepper. Rub the salt and pepper well into the meat. Score the pork rind with a sharp knife.

Pour water in a roasting tray to a depth of 2cm. Then place the meat, rind down, into the roasting tray. Slice two medium sized onions (with the skin on) into 1/2cm thick rings. Slice 3 garlic cloves and place over the meat. Sprinkle 2 dessert spoons of cararway seeds over the meat.

Place in a preheated oven at 250 degrees C for half an hour. Then turn the meat over, rind facing up and baste.

It is important to loosen the crust away from the meat and do not baste with too much broth at one time. Baste little and often.

Cook for another hour and a half. Near the end of the cooking time brush the crispy rind with cold dark beer or cold water. This will ensure crispy crackling. The sauce must be brown and clear. Never thicken with flour or cornflour. In Bavaria that would be a deadly sin!

Enjoy my German roast pork recipe with German potato dumplings or German Sauerkraut. Here is a pork roast recipe that is cooked on the hob (no dirty oven). It was kindly submitted by one of our visitors. My mother-in-law also sometimes makes it this way and it is just as delicious.

German Schweinebraten

Don't add garlic cloves. Add marjoram and a slice of brown bread to the sauce. Serve with dumplings.

German Schweinshaxe

Prepare as Schweinebraten. Cooking time for a large Haxe is 1 1/2-2 hours. Cover the meat with aluminium foil for the first half an hour. Then turn up the heat to 230 degrees C. Serve with potato dumplings, Sauerkraut or Kraut Salad.

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Zachary - USA

Tremendous website. I lived in Germany for almost 14 years. Your recipes have me excited about getting back into German cooking. Thanks so much!

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